Brand planning with ART

We create and innovate ART based uncommon, outdoor or live solutions including ambient art for your brand planning, implementation, monitoring and business results.

Art Sense is unique to bring new and innovative solutions to brand your product, service or the business. Irrespective to the nature or the sector of the business or the industry we have the capability to bring brand solutions with the sense of Art. We are proud to mention that we have demonstrated several first time in Sri Lanka ambient Art creations to promote several national levels brands. We cover wide spectrum of diversified applied art solutions for brand planning. Ambient art applications and installation art as well are not much common in Sri Lanka. This is a growing dimension in the field of advertising and creative agencies in Sri Lanka and in other countries. Our brand planning approaches, strategies and solutions are unique and exclusive some times you have never thought those as advertising solutions in your life.

Art Sense start brand planning consultancy with a good market research and other required studies. We gather the required intelligence. We always update with the global happenings and including art as well and the technology. Our team is highly diversified. First we challenge among us and then we challenge your business we see all possible dimensions. With all those we mobilize our team to be crazy bring solutions in our brainstorming sessions. Your plate will come with dreaming, imaginations, experiences, exposure, knowledge, creativity, and much more. Many times its too simple yet effective and powerful. Once you become our client we treat you and your business asĀ our top priority and the care to bring leisure, pleasure and wonders to your business with great business results and impact.