In year 2007 Art Sense Advertising (Pvt) Ltd was registered under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka by one of the young and creative Artists. Mr. Sudath Abeysekara and Ms. Achala Gunawardane are them. At that time also founder directors had the experience with working advertising industry and other private and government sector employments as well.


Art Sense was well established within 2 years time with national scale clients with very exclusive creations including media campaigns. We have created lots of opportunities for new and talented Fine Art graduates and creative people from rural areas those who do not have proper qualifications. Further we have linked with the Artists from other countries too.


Within 4 years of time of the registration of the company we have catered more than 10 national scale private sector clients. We have provided job opportunities to over 15 graduates. There were over 10 major service providers and subcontractors. We were invited for many national and international events to provide our thoughts and resources.


Art Sense has created some sort of trends in the advertising industry in Sri Lanka at this time with its unique and exclusive creations with the use of Art and the technology. Young and energetic crew of creative team wes able to accept any challenging work to produce creations and deliver results. We were successfully competing with major national and international similar service providers.


We have expanded our business with regional branch offices and crew with more staff and consultants. Art Sense Production Unit was established with very talented team with diversified skills and competencies with unmatched creativity. We were positioned as the most innovative advertising company with mega creations such as sculptures for promotions and campaigns.  


Art Sense was re-launch from year 2016 with the new vales, strategic direction, mission,and the quality policy. Mr. Samantha Pathirathna was joined as a shareholder Director and perform as the Managing Director of the company. As an award winning creative academic and entrepreneur he directs the business to move from good to GREAT.